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A ventilated facade is a cladding system with an air cushion or cavity immediately behind which provides with a drainage, ventilation and thermal solution. It is usually an external cladding system mechanically fastened or bonded to a framework behind fixed to the external wall of a new or existing building.

This external wall may be built either of masonry (brick or cmu), concrete, or studwork (metal or timber) and a layer of thermal insulation is conveniently either between studs or laid on the outer side of the substrate wall. The cladding elements are fixed to the substrate wall by means of a lightweight substructure which can be made of different materials, being metal a preferred choice. The ventilation is produced by openings located at the top and bottom of the cladding or by the open joint pattern The Chimney Effect.

This ventilation allows for an exchange of air between the outside and the cavity behind the cladding panels, providing the solution for venting any moisture away from the facade, improving the thermal conditions inside the building and installing the insulation on the outside so to avoid thermal bridging.

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Fontile’s porcelain panels combine the very best technology with all the elegance, finishes and varying patterns found in any natural stone.

XLight Premium
Large Format Porcelain

The XLight Premium collection is made up of large format panels, resistant to atmospheric agents, featured in a wide range of colours, finishes, and textures.

Solid Surface Material

The facade system adapts perfectly as a Building Cladding and or Decorative design feature. Krion allows to achieve designs and building features that would be impossible with other materials. 


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FONTILE FACADES offer an extensive range of products from Porcelanosa, with the most innovative construction solutions for todays architectural challenges. The Porcelanosa Group is a privately owned company that was founded in 1973 and is considered to be a leader in its product offerings in the world market today our diversification of products has been fundamental. Currently, with 8 different divisions—ranging from kitchens, bathrooms, tiles, ventilated systems, etc.

With more than 400 showrooms around the world in more than a 140 countries.

10 million sq.ft of office & warehouse space throughout the globe.

More than 5000 employees.


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